Student Organizations

The University of Miami offers a variety of student-run organizations for those looking to get involved and feel connected to the rich cultures and people of Africa and the Black Diaspora.

Student Organizations

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  • African Students Union

    Our purpose is to raise cultural awareness and knowledge of the current issues that face Africa.

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  • Alliance of Latin American Students

    ALAS serves to unite and empower Latin American Students as well as students interested in learning about Latin America and the Caribbean.

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  • Black Creatives Collective

    A supportive outlet bringing like-minded individuals together through creation & collaboration at the University of Miami.

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  • Black Female Development Circle

    We aim to empower, educate, and support black women.

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  • BLQ: Black Leaders for the Queer Community

    The purpose of Black Leaders for the Queer Community is to provide a space for students identifying as Queer and Black to engage in activities to educate themselves about and discuss the intersections between Black and LGBTQ+ history.

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  • Caribbean Students Association

    This organization represents the diverse population of the Caribbean community and provides a platform for Caribbean students to embrace and share their culture.

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  • Hammond-Butler Gospel Choir

    Our mission is to highlight and connect members and University of Miami community to historical and contemporary traditions of Black Gospel Choir music in the United States and abroad.

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  • Mission JA

    Our purpose is to foster a sense of community, cultural identity, and personal development among current University of Miami students of Jamaican backgrounds and promote cultural awareness to those of non-Jamaican backgrounds.

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  • Oleku

    We teach and showcase the versatility of African dance styles.

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  • Planet Kreyol

    This Haitian Student Organization promotes cultural awareness while servicing the community and preserving the ancestry of Haiti.

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  • United Black Students

    We serve to unite, empower, and uplift African Americans through cultural, professional, and personal events and initiatives.

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  • Yellow Rose Society

    This organization is meant to serve as a safe, welcoming, and encouraging space where Black womxn can find guidance, support, and inspiration.

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